Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Day 1 Dublin to Virginia

Day 1 of my blog ended with a complete mess up. Spent ages writing it on my phone only to lose it by not saving it.
I will resurrect it late if I can.
Day started leaving the Aras and on to the papal cross then across Dublin City to the cavan road that would take us, slowly,to Virginia. It was a nice day and a nice trip with sos beags and a lunch stop in Kells. My homestay was at the Rectory in Virginia after some slow progress. It's was very slow on the road with a lot of students on the leg, the lead car hasn't settled into any kind of rhythms yet. Accommodation was a bit Spartan.  In a bunk bed room with 2 other guys. One a snorer and between him and my legs cramping all night, not a good night.
Hearty breakfast next morning made up for it. Onto the Paddy Wagon and back to Virginia for the start of Day 2
Talk later.
I'll sort blog when I get a chance

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