Friday, 29 April 2016

Day 6. Donegal to Sligo

Well today started with frozen snow on the car leaving our homestay. It was a bitter morning with snow on the mountains visible around Donegal town.
Seamus brought myself and john in to the start.
Getting out of the car , I opened the boot to take out my bag and as I reached in, the boot lid came down and I head butted the lid! Nearly took my nose of! Pumping blood and seeing stars for a few minutes, I gathered myself to the medics for treatment. Hugh concern among the cyclists when they saw my face.
I had great fun telling them about 'the other guy' and how I lost it with a bike Marshall. Good stuff!
Met Mary again , my host from 2 years ago and her brother and it's like I have a special bond with them. I vow to stay with Mary next time I come. I would like that.
There is a special tribute for Brenan before we leave and it's very moving.
Heading out for Sligo , the sun is shining, we have no sign of rain and we have a tail wind. Cycling doesn't get much better than this.
The roll to bondoran is such a gentle roll, in the sun, the mood is buoyant and positive. So unlike what these last few days have been.
Into Bundoran and lunch is just lovely.
After our presentation we are heading the 50km to Sligo town.
Unbelievable scenery and cycling through and around Ben Bulben is just magnificent. Great cycling country.
We roll into Sligo to a great welcome, given its Friday of a bank holiday weekend. There is a great turnout.
Catherine arrives, my home stayer. And she is lovely.
We are dining in her sister in laws house with 6 other cyclists and the night is sooo wonderful.
Meeting other cyclists with 'their clothes on' is great for the evening.
Chat and wine till late.
Finally got my nails done!

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