Saturday, 23 April 2016

Preparation day!

Got to get all the ducks in a row today. No point in remembering next week when I'm spinning around Ulster "oh god! Forgot to put the dog out" !
Spent the last few days putting all but the kitchen sink on the bed and whittling it down to bare essentials.
Dancing shoes ...gone! Tuxedo....gone!
2 sets this, 3 sets that, bum cream, sun cream (ever the optimist) various sticks and tins , spare this and that, some in day bag, some in night bag. Trying to cover all eventuality. From searing heat to snow blizzards! And we could get them all, so trying to pack in 2 little bags ,as you can appreciate , does concentrate the mind.
But I'm nearly ready. Won't close the bags up just yet though. Lot of mind changing to come yet......dancing shoes?........maybe!
Scrolled through the 50 weather channels I have on my phone . Scouring for favorable stuff. There is not much cheer around though. North easterly winds! Which way we headed? Yeah you guessed it.!
Colder in? Yeah you guessed it.... Ulster. Sun? ......noooo! Frost with possibility of winters showers? one!
But that's the Cycle against Suicide. That's what we have come to expect.

Since I wrote att the above I have been up and out for my last club spin. With the Failte Group. We had the girls from St Mary's who are coming to do the leg from Roscrea. Just giving them some experience of group riding and what to expect on the CAS. It was a beautiful day and there was a wish for something similar but unfortunately not to be. Weather set to worsen from tomorrow with all sorts being thrown at us. Onwards and upwards.
Took a fall off the bike at the end of the spin today. Bloody woman stopped on the main road to let someone out of a side road, guy behind her stopped and so did I.......right into the back of him. Got the brakes on but too late. Came down heavy on my shoulder and hip. Bit sore and swollen tonight and hopefully will be ok tomorrow.
All is packed now, gear left out, Lullabel is purring! Oiled and greased. Getting collected at 8am.
All is rockin...

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