Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Day 3 Monaghan to Cookstown

There was terrible foreboding for the day ahead. They said we were in for some really bad weather. So it was with an air of foreboding that we left Monaghan town. We had a great presentation in Macartans College and the students loved it and gave us a massive send off from the college.
The sun was shining and if you stayed out of the bitterly cold wind it was quite pleasant. Leaving in lovely sunshine we headed for the border. A nice trip through Glaslough and into Armagh. The good weather was holding as we battled a strong cross wind. I'm no light weight and even I was finding it hard to hold the bike in some of the gusts. Ominous clouds overhead seemed to be moving aside for us and we were clear. Stopping in Armagh for a break we were told we had just missed a snow shower. Lunch was in Portadown and it was still sunny albeit a strong westerly wind. After lunch we were turned straight into it and the next 40 k was battling a viscous headwind. On the lookout for a big behind to tuck in at the back off. Sometimes it was mine they were tucking in behind. Some of the less experienced cyclists were being pushed hard to maintain momentum. Was surely a case of Shoulder to Shoulder.. Cookstown came just in time and even though we were over an hour late getting in, my home stay Caroline was waiting and took myself and another speedily off to her home for a welcome shower and a lovely chicken dinner followed by apple tart and custard, a chat and a warm bed for the night. Generosity abounds.

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