Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Day 10 Roscrea to Tipperary Town

After a nights sleep, during which my cold took hold and I started getting chesty. With my history of this kind of cold I know it will end in a course of antibiotics to clear the chest. So I , right away, begin having a dialogue with it . Making a deal! "Go away from me ! If you leave me alone this week I'll let you in next week"! Not too sure who will win that one.
Back up to the school and it great to see pupils back in our mornings. There is more life in everyone when there are students to present to.
Lorna and the girls we have been training back in Naas are all here ready to start their cycle. It's great to see them all so enthusiastic.
In total we have nearly 150 students on the road today. A big ask for the marshals.
The day is so good . Sun is out and the forecast is for much better weather than heretofore.
And so it turns out. Layers are being shed even though it's still guide cold in the breeze.
We have a wind that takes us all the way to the Garda college in Templemore.
Gail and Ceire have joined us this morning and it's good to have one of our own club men down here.
Templemore is amazing place and we are greeted by a guard of honor of Garda recruits to welcome us in. A lovely gesture. To see all the young Gardai and Ban Gardai is so refreshing.
Heading out then for a stop at Holycross and the abbey.
This is country I have never been in and it's worthwhile seeing. Heading down towards the Galtee mountains and the Glen of Aherlow. Beautiful countryside.
Arriving into Tipperary town we get another marvelous welcome and a welcome cup of tea before meeting our home stays.
Mine are Sean and Rosemary O Connor and their lovely family. Who look after us magnificently.
Cold is dug in now but I'm fighting it as best I can. Cause it isn't going to beat me.

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