Friday, 6 May 2016

Day 12 Waterford to Wexford via New Ross

Woke up this morning after having a good nights sleep, feeling a good bit better . Not as chesty and more energy. Maybe this talking to the cold helps and it actually listens. Good breakfast, get some of my clothes washed . It's so good to put on a base layer that doesn't feel as if it has sand in it.
Get packed and Gerry arrives in the minibus to take us to the start in Waterford.
I've realized that I left my runners in the gym of the school in Tipperary. They were the only pair I had so it was barefoot till I was offered a pair of rubber sandles to get me through. Ideal!
Back to the lost property van, no sign of my shoes.
Weather is beautiful and boding well for the day. So layers are shed and it's great to be in shorts  for the first time this trip. Shorts, cycling top and arm warmers. Can't believe myself.
There is a bit of climbing today before we get to new Ross and the slow riders are finding it difficult. Pace is steady . We have an incredible 150 students with us this morning. Biggest ever!
They are managed well by the marshals. Mainly because their teachers have trained them about group riding etc.
We are cycling over a high range, with some difficult climbs.
New Ross appears eventually and we roll down into it and onto a great welcome in the town and the school we are basing ourselves at.
The food spread is great and are suitably loaded up for the presentation  after. Always good fun. But the sun is out and it's a welcome sight for all of us. Basking in the sun, sun cream out, good food and good craic. Could stay for the day if we were allowed.
Rolling out towards Wexford, we are joined by anothe 100 more students. Truly a record. We have nearly 800 on the road and riding the main road to Wexford on a wide shoulder is exhilarating with the peloton snaking ahead of us. What a sight!
Great welcome reception in Wexford and they have put on tea and coffee and cakes and sandwiches for us.
Micheline , my homestay is waiting for me and I'm whisked off to the house after saying goodbye to Gail and her friends. They finish today.
Micheline has a lovely shepherds pie ready and that and a glass of wine is pure heaven. Great evenings chat before beddybyes.

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