Friday, 6 May 2016

Day 13 . Wexford to Arklow via Gorey

Last night I had a lovely Homestay with Micheline. She made me very welcome and she gave me lovely food. Wexford is a place I don't think I was ever in and it's a lovely town with a magnificent long bridge over the estuary.
Micheline brought me to the start and the presentation that we were giving to the school. The atmosphere was buzzing. The cyclists were amassing and we were taking some 200 students on the cycle today.
Even though my legs were aching in the night I feel energised this morning. It is the last but one day of this amazing journey and the aches are gone. I have legs like Fred Astaire and I'm ready for dancing. Sure enough the atmosphere in the hall doesn't disappoint. Everyone is up for whatever the day will bring. Sun is shining but a cool north wind is getting up. Ready to blow us backwards.
Some moving presentations and some great singing from local bands is what gets the juices going.
Emily Ann from my club text me last night to say she is taking a group of students from her school to ride with us. And I'm looking forward to seeing her and them in this mellee.
After saying last goodbyes to Micheline , we are off on a rolling 54km trip to Gorey. Because of numbers on the road (we are nearly 600) we are travelling slowly and the stop starting is getting tedious and a bit dangerous. There a re a few minor crashes on the way and it's not something any of us wants to see.
All along the road, through Blackwater, Kilmuckridge and Courtown people are out in the sunshine cheering us on and I have to say I never grow tired of it. It's uplifting.
Gordy is a welcome sight and we loop around the town to the designated school where we get a tumultuous reception.
Lunch is poor. They obviously had more cyclists than they expected and they run out of rolls before everyone is fed. But it doesn't bother our cyclists. They are easily pleased.
Leaving Gorey we are making the short hop over to Arklow and the end of a tiring day.

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